Friday Fun

What a wonderful collaborative activity! Yanni, Thando, Sadul and Jade created this pattern using the tiles. They explained that the pattern represented a castle. Victor created this vehicle to “guard” their creation.

What a wonderful, fun and an imaginative creation!




Dragon deck

Today Victor,Yanni, Elijah and Thando got to work with our new Google Galaxy.

“It was very exciting getting us to the destination. We had to use the steering wheel, the mouse and the little screen. We needed to use the speed so we can go faster to the destination and slow it to zero when it touches the destination.” Yanni


Dragon Boat Performances

Today we split into groups and created a short play. Each group however had a challenge to include the word ‘pineapple’ in their performance.

Everyone did a great job at doing this and loved acting on the deck of the dragon boat to the audience below.

Hafiz: it was good and I liked how we got to use the flags
Yanni: it was fun when the witch took the princess
Sarsha: we had much fun up on the dragon boat
Nathan: it was fun doing our own performance