Friday Fun

What a wonderful collaborative activity! Yanni, Thando, Sadul and Jade created this pattern using the tiles. They explained that the pattern represented a castle. Victor created this vehicle to “guard” their creation.

What a wonderful, fun and an imaginative creation!




Writing a letter

Today I finished the letter and coloured it in and on the envolope. when I get home, I am going to get my mums book and write the adress on the letter.I will post the letter at 4 pm because on the other side of the world it would be 7am when she would wake up. Next time I write a letter, I would help Tori with lots of letters.

by Thando




Robotics in LA

“We were making cars!” Nyamal
“We learnt if the axel is not connected, it can move left to right. If it is connected it can only go front and back” Aaliyah
“We worked out what we needed to do then we decorated it” Victor
“He told us the instructions and we needed to follow them” Connor
“The wheels had to go outside the hole” Thando

“Was it fun and did you enjoy it?” Nyachuot


Nyamal, Aaliyah, Connor, Victor, Alison, Thando