Writing Checklists

Today we worked on creating our writing checklist to help us become better writers.

We used post it notes to show the ideas we came up with.

Hussnain said “don’t rush and edit”
Tarik said “write on the line”
Ali thought of “full stops”
Bree thought of “question marks”
Jasmine reminded us to “underline”

There were lots of other good ideas.



When drawing nature Alison and Tarik also chose to draw some flowers in a vase (even though they are plastic).

I loved the detail they were both able to observe and put into their pictures.




“My Picture by Alison
In this picture I started with the circle which was the vase and then I drawed the bench. I then looked at the details of the branches and the stems of the flowers. And then Iooked at the flowers and looked at the colours. There wasn’t any white so I used grey instead. And then I looked at the colour and it looked like red mixed with pink so that’s what I did. And then I did the yellow insides. I couldn’t do the shape of the flowers but I tried something else and it worked.”

Drawing Nature

Some students during LA chose to spend some time looking closely at nature.

They looked at the details of some leaves to try and notice as much as they could. They then tried to capture as much of this detail in their drawings.

Here are some great examples of what they were doing.