Chicken paper making

This week we read Handa’s Hen and made lots of different things with chickens and eggs.

Seth : “we read a book about finding 10 chicks we did thumb painting. With white we did eggs and with yellow we did chicks.”

Jade: ” we made a pop up book with an egg chick and a chicken”

Ahsan ” we made a chicken out of paper and cut out the feathers”

Ali “we had googlely eyes and cut out the comb and we made a mouth a beak which was two triangles and a square. The book was folded.”

Fawad “we went outside and we draw a chicken”


Frog jumps

“Today we played a jumping game and we jumped across some blocks. We counted how blocks there was. I jumped 54 blocks.” Seth

“Today we had to think how many jumps we did and you had to count it. I did 18.” Abass

“Me and abass had to measure how high we jumped and Seth jumped 4 and me jumped to 6. And we had to jump like frogs.”

“Me and Ali I had jumped 59 and Ali jumped 64.” Jade

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