Dragon deck

Adwaith”we have been looking at different places. We used the mouse and something like a mouse. ”

Nathan”it was hard moving around because it goes somewhere else. We went north, east, south and west”

The boys looked at a forest in Papua New Guinea, and at beaches in Tasmania. They looked for Thailand and India.


AFL space

Brian and Nathan created their own AFL space after they shared a passion to want to learn more about football.

They tried to solve a very challenging problem: if the score was 63, how many goals and points would have been kicked?

They solved it!! Here is there working out….




Our idea for LA

Today Nathan wanted to negotiate the AFL ladder to see where Hawthorn was. He then had an excellent idea – could we have an AFL space?

Brian and Ian were both excited to hear this idea!!

They have written a letter to Parliament.

Dear Parliament,
We want parliament to vote on the slime space to be changed to a football space because you can learn to play football and you could research the ladder to see the best team.
From Brian, Nathan and Ian

This afternoon we will vote – I wonder what the result will be???

(Teacher note: there is so much learning that we could facilitate with football. We could learn about statistics, percentages, collecting data, and chance.)