Amazing thinking!

We played a game today. Ian decided to challenge Kristen! Ian had the number 8 and with each card turned over, he decided to add them.

If a joker, queen or king was turned, the opponent can choose the number. Kristen chose the number -2, trying to challenge Ian.

“6! You know how I worked it out? I took 2 away from 8, that’s quicker than counting on from -2”.

Well done Ian!



“Today at WPPS Kofi, Brian and Ian were making a giant and a crane. It was fun building the crane and the giant. To make the giant and the crane we followed the instructions on the whiteboard. To follow the instructions we kept on pressing next” Ian

“It was fun we hope you like it” Brian

“We were a little bit confused and we had to try but it was a little bit hard but we kept on trying. ” Kofi


Our idea for LA

Today Nathan wanted to negotiate the AFL ladder to see where Hawthorn was. He then had an excellent idea – could we have an AFL space?

Brian and Ian were both excited to hear this idea!!

They have written a letter to Parliament.

Dear Parliament,
We want parliament to vote on the slime space to be changed to a football space because you can learn to play football and you could research the ladder to see the best team.
From Brian, Nathan and Ian

This afternoon we will vote – I wonder what the result will be???

(Teacher note: there is so much learning that we could facilitate with football. We could learn about statistics, percentages, collecting data, and chance.)