Writing Checklists

Today we worked on creating our writing checklist to help us become better writers.

We used post it notes to show the ideas we came up with.

Hussnain said “don’t rush and edit”
Tarik said “write on the line”
Ali thought of “full stops”
Bree thought of “question marks”
Jasmine reminded us to “underline”

There were lots of other good ideas.


Chicken paper making

This week we read Handa’s Hen and made lots of different things with chickens and eggs.

Seth : “we read a book about finding 10 chicks we did thumb painting. With white we did eggs and with yellow we did chicks.”

Jade: ” we made a pop up book with an egg chick and a chicken”

Ahsan ” we made a chicken out of paper and cut out the feathers”

Ali “we had googlely eyes and cut out the comb and we made a mouth a beak which was two triangles and a square. The book was folded.”

Fawad “we went outside and we draw a chicken”