Chicken paper making

This week we read Handa’s Hen and made lots of different things with chickens and eggs.

Seth : “we read a book about finding 10 chicks we did thumb painting. With white we did eggs and with yellow we did chicks.”

Jade: ” we made a pop up book with an egg chick and a chicken”

Ahsan ” we made a chicken out of paper and cut out the feathers”

Ali “we had googlely eyes and cut out the comb and we made a mouth a beak which was two triangles and a square. The book was folded.”

Fawad “we went outside and we draw a chicken”


The drafting process

Some of us have been working on our celebration artworks.

Looking at their drafts and the final work some observations were made.

Ahsan “I changed the drawing, I made the faces have different eyes.”

Adwaith “I changed it so that me and my brother were building the mandala”

Alfarabi “I liked this idea because it had more detail. I changed this one so that I could fit my whole family”




Handa’s fruit

For those of us who were looking at the book Handa’s Surprise we became interested in comparing the weight of the fruit.

We needed some big scales, so luckily Mr Lyon was able to help and made some for us.

Edward was able to see how the scales work “we need to make both sides equal”.

Ahsan noticed that “The pineapple is just a little bit big but there is more of the other one.”

We ended up finding that the scales were level with a pineapple hanging on one side and eleven mandarines hanging on the other side.