Dragon deck

Adwaith”we have been looking at different places. We used the mouse and something like a mouse. ”

Nathan”it was hard moving around because it goes somewhere else. We went north, east, south and west”

The boys looked at a forest in Papua New Guinea, and at beaches in Tasmania. They looked for Thailand and India.


Measuring the line

Adwaith is counting the number of blocks in the line.

“There is 496 because I used the blocks to make 10 and it was really hard to count all of this. When it went round the corner then I used my fingers and mind to count it because there wasnt room for ten”



Cultural Diversity Week

This Sunday at Federation Square will be a special time for Adwaith.

The artwork he entered into this Art Competition has been accepted as a finalist. He will be presented with a certificate and he has the chance of being the winning entry!

He will find out at 1.50pm on Sunday at the Fed Square Atrium, where his work, with all the other Primary School Finalists will be on display.

Congratulations Adwaith!! If anyone is in town this Sunday at the Viva Victoria Festival, be sure to drop in and look at Adwaith’s artwork.

Well done also to our other students who worked on their drafts and developed their entry for this competition and the Art Show in Turkey, in which we will be participating in.


The drafting process

Some of us have been working on our celebration artworks.

Looking at their drafts and the final work some observations were made.

Ahsan “I changed the drawing, I made the faces have different eyes.”

Adwaith “I changed it so that me and my brother were building the mandala”

Alfarabi “I liked this idea because it had more detail. I changed this one so that I could fit my whole family”




Junior Robotics

Some interested children have started exploring the Junior Lego Robotics sets Mr Lowne has shared with us.

Already they have learnt lots working together and are pushing themselves to learn more about the software and how to program the motors to move the pieces.