Creating a procedure of directions



We used a compass to write directions to get from one place to another!

4 thoughts on “Creating a procedure of directions

  1. That looks so amazing I wish I was doing that if anyone is
    wondering why I’m not here it’s because I’m in Iraq I miss you all
    bye bye 😉

    • Hi Jasmine!

      We miss you so much too! Would you like to tell us what you have been doing? Post it as a comment and I will make a new blog post for you, so your friends can ask you questions!

      x Miss Hornby

  2. hi i’m having fun with my family we celebrated my cousin birthday we had lots of fun and before we come to Iraq we went to Dubai and i really miss you gu

    hi its Jasmine i’m in Iraq and im having lots of fun
    before we went Dubai we had fun there with
    my family then we went to Iraq and celebrated my
    Cousine birthday it was fun today we are going to go to Queen park i miss you guys

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