Chess today

Well done to the Grade 2s who went to the Chess Tournament today!

Risinu, Brian, Hussnain, Miniya and Milan all played today. Miniya and Milan did very well and received medals.

Milan “It was good to play chess against other people”.


9 thoughts on “Chess today

  1. how won the game did you rit abot the chas tonamit but if you lose the game it O.K yoru shil lening and wene you com back home what abot you play chas at home.

    • correct….
      Who won the game.Did you write about the chess tournament.But if you lose its OK,your still learning and when you come back home what about you play chess at home.

  2. Milan, miniya, Brian or hussnain (one of them) can you tell me where you go . YOU HAVE TO REPLY TO ME.
    did you go to another…
    somwhere in school
    the target teaching space
    or the 5/6 documentation room!!! and

    people who got a medal people who didnnt
    miniya and milan risinu,brian and hussnain

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